Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Pack

I have a new pack up over at my TPT store just in time for Valentine's Day! It's a 33 page math and literacy pack, much like my 100th Day of School pack. Most of the pages have adapted copies for use with students who are unable to write. Since I was so slow on getting this one finished and we are out this week for Winter Break, I won't actually get to use this one with my kiddos. I hope some of you find it handy and are able to use some of the pages! I'm going to start working on a St. Patrick's Day pack this week- let me know if there are any pages you would like to see me add for this one.

I LOVE the feedback I've been getting over at my TPT store- thanks y'all! What's Skow-ing on in 4th Grade posted some adorable pics from her class celebrating the 100th Day of School using the crowns from my freebie. Y'all check out her blog- it's great. I also have had a request to redo my Penguin Number Match-Up using one color for all of the number cards. I'll be working on that and hope to have that added in the next few days. I purposefully made it with the matching colors to help my kiddos out so your feedback is so helpful in letting me know what you need for YOUR students. Keep those comments coming. I hope everyone is having a great school day today!

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