Saturday, March 16, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Pack

I finally finished my St. Patrick's Day pack just in time for one of my favorite holidays! Okay, they're all my favorite :) The pack includes about 20 pages of math & literacy activities working on cutting, coloring, color words, number identification, creating sentences, and journaling. As usual, it includes activities that can be used with younger, typical students, older students with special needs, students with fine motore delays, and more. There are several activities that can be used as regular worksheets, used to create interactive worksheets, or to create file folder activities. Here's the link to the product over at my TPT store.

I plan on using these pages with the kiddos on Monday & Tuesday. These will be great practice activities for my kids to work on while I pull them individually for goal work. I need to get some IEP goal data collection finished up before report cards go out since I've been gone so much lately with training. Don't get me wrong, I love that my district is so focused on professional development but I sure hate being away from my kids and getting behind on paper work. I only have one more day of training this week & then things should settle down. This week I will learn about the Fundations program- I am super excited about getting a better understanding and to begin implementing the program fully into my classroom! Have a great week!!

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