Thursday, May 21, 2015

Table Time Activities

One of our rotations that the students go to daily is Table Time with one of my paras. During table time, students practice their fine motor and cognitive IEP goals and participate in sensory activities. My para takes data for me to use to compare with my data taken during discrete trials to be sure that the student is generalizing their skills across environments and instructors. She typically works with 1-3 students at a time using manipulatives and worksheets. Students typically work on 3-5 activities until that activity is mastered. If students are not making progress on an skill, it may be put on hold and a prerequisite skill may be introduced instead. We have some activities that are unit-themed and those are switched out monthly. Occasionally, my para also does unit craft activities during Table Time. Next year, I hope to incorporate a cooking activity into this time as well.

Some examples of activities that are completed during Table Time are:

Shape sorters
Tracing & copying lines, shapes, letters, numbers, & names
Sorting colors, shapes, sizes
Matching colors, shapes, identical pictures
Simple put-in tasks
Sort by class, function, & feature
Stringing beads
Clothespins on lines
Cutting snips, lines, and shapes
Scribbling, coloring, and painting
Shaving Cream

Finding objects in sand

Sorting by length

Dot painting

Shaving cream
Finding objects in rice and sorting by class

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