Saturday, January 5, 2013

Standards, Data, Assessments...Oh My!

After a two-year break from the classroom, I have struggled this year with the many demands that come from teaching a self-contained special education classroom filled with three grade levels of extremely diverse kiddos. I'm juggling teaching the common core standards across three grades, designing activities that can be used with students of various abilities, collecting data on their many IEP goals, and administering the Georgia Alternative Assessment, on top of everything else! I have found many products online that have been helpful for use with one or two of my students but becuase I have such a diverse crowd, it takes a great deal of planning time. I'm starting this blog to organize and store all of the products that I find and create and also to share resources with any other teachers that are in my situation. Please feel free to post resources that you feel that I may find helpful. Thanks a bunch!


  1. I am a special education teacher and am in the same boat as you! Except in a different state. Thank you for sharing all your goodies. I am definitely going to follow you now that I found you from Pinterest. Enjoy summer!


  2. Hi Jean! You are so welcome. I am so glad that you are finding some of my materials helpful. You can sign up to receive email updates when I post new goodies by entering your email in the "follow" box on the right. I hope you are enjoying your summer!