Sunday, May 5, 2013

Math Games

We only have a couple of weeks of school left (yippee!). All but one of my kiddos will be coming back to me and my new addition from next door will be coming over to spend some time with us this week and next. I plan on working on getting my students prepared for some changes to expect in my room next year. I've decided that I will do our math groups a little different next year- I will teach the main lesson while my para supervises students participating in individual or small group math games and calls students aside for individual goal work. I want the students working on the math games to be able to play these games independently so I am going to be introducing them over the next two weeks and then we'll spend some time at the beginning of the year going back over them. In order for the students to be independent with these games, they must be skills that the students have completely mastered during teaching sessions. I'll probably come up with some sort of table to keep track of which games each student has mastered and is ready to work independently on. Hopefully I can tie in some IEP goals with them as well!


 A coworker uses this game with her 2nd graders and they love it. BUMP is a two player dice game. There are a ton of seasonal themed freebies out there. Easier versions, such as Bump Like an Egyptian by Kathy Ryan focus on number identification and recognition.  Here is BUMP in the Garden! by Miss Galvin Learns. Here is BUMP addition facts 0-18 by Megan Jacobs. This version of Multiplication Bump by Katee O'Quinn focuses on the 2 times tables. I made a very simple version for number recognition with 1-9 with a Back to School theme for a couple of my kids. It is available (for free!) at my TPT store.

I Have, Who Has?

This version from Jason's online classroom will help my kids with counting coins. Here's a baseball themed version from Math Coach's Corner that involves place value in the one and tens place. This one by Carrie's Creations includes 2-D and 3-D shapes. This one uses popsicle sticks- great idea Classroom DIY!

Go Fish.

Jennifer Bates created this Go Fish game to practice doubles. Here is a number recognition one from FSUshopkins. For my higher kids, this one by Tales from 3rd Grade will help them practice their 4 times tables.

I think these games are a great way for my kids to continue practicing skills that they have mastered so that they don't regress. Plus, they'll be having so much fun that they won't even know that they are learning!

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