Sunday, September 29, 2013

Classroom Choreography Part 5: Table Time

My students participate in table time activities three times during the day. As I showed in my schedule, the majority of our instructional day is comprised individual teaching sessions and a variety of stations. One of our stations is table time.

During the first rotation, table time includes the completion of a short unit activity. The activity is typically a unit themed worksheet and may include sorting pictures by size, cutting pictures apart, identifying the letter of the week, coloring a picture, etc. The students complete this activity individually with a parapro or teacher education student. The other students are rotating through the computer, play, reading, work stations, or listening center with another para's supervision.

During the second rotation, table time includes the completion of a variety of work tasks. These tasks are kept on two shelves within reach of the table. There is a huge variety of tasks- from simple fine motor to color matching to sequencing. Tasks are chose for the child based on their goals and ability levels. Usually, several tasks are placed at each seat at the table and the child or children rotate around the table as they complete each task. A para supervises this while the other students are rotating through stations.

{table time rotation}

{table time storage}

{simple table time tasks}
During the third rotation, table time includes the completion of a touchmath activity. One para reviews the touchmath numbers and assists some of the students in completing a touchmath worksheet. The other students rotate through stations or work with the other para at the Alphabeats station.

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